The Songs of the Ancients Series

Welcome to a world where everything is not as it seems. Here, in a march across millennia, mythical creatures move throughout the societies of men on a journey that brings them out of the shadows. With the help of true love — or a nudge from fate, every Elysian discovers the dawn.

Fae, Immortals, Shifters and Lycans – these are the Elysians, and these are their stories.

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The Immortal Dawn: A Songs of the Ancients Prequel

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She was born to be their savior, but she may have doomed them all… 

As the youngest of the Elysian Immortals, Athanasia has always known her place within her family. She carries the last of their mother’s Fae light and the burden of causing her death. 

She is the last of her kind — born with the power to preserve her family for a time, but not long enough. 

When the magic holding their island home together fails and her family’s light fades, Athanasia knows her weakness is the reason. Without their mother’s power, their world is falling apart, and the Immortals are doomed with it. 

Their only hope for survival lies in their parents’ last gift — the shared, life-giving music that revives their Immortal hearts and guides their souls to a love destined to save them. Seeking their eternal mates will mean separating from each other, but how can Athanasia bear to face an eternity without the only family she has ever known?

Series Titles

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The Songs of the Ancients

The Immortal Dawn: (A Songs of the Ancients Prequel)

The Shattered Empress: Songs of the Ancients Book 1

The Imperial Crown: Songs of the Ancients Book 2

The Destined Queen: Songs of the Ancients Book 3

The Shadowed Throne: Songs of the Ancients Book 4

The Fallen Blood: (A Songs of the Ancients Epilogue)

The Immortal Songs Series

The Exiled Prince: The Immortal Songs Book 1

The Immortal King: The Immortal Songs Book 2

The Chosen Queen: The Immortal Songs Book 3

The Songs of War Series

The Silent Sovereign: The Songs of War Book 1

The Immortal Champion: The Songs of War Book 2

The Bloodborn Heir: The Songs of War Book 3

The Warrior Queen: The Songs of War Book 4